Vitamin K2 with D3 (60 Count)

Vitamin K2 with D3 (60 Count)

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Dr Hertzberg says:

"It is important for people to take a vitamin called K2. This vitamin is made from micro bacteria in your small intestine and is important in calcium balance. It seems to pull calcium out of your heart arteries and may put the calcium in your bones, therefore it helps protect against heart disease and possibly osteoporosis. It is important to take K2 if you are taking vitamin D. The two work together to keep calcium in your bones and away from your arteries. Simply put, it keeps calcium in the correct place!"

One of the most well known nutrients for bone health is calcium; however, research is finding that calcium alone may not be enough. Supplementing Vitamin D3 and K2 can help maintain bone strength and promote the normal process of bone building.

Vitamin K is a family of similarly structured molecules. There are three different vitamin K molecules. Vitamin K2, menaquinones, are produced naturally by bacteria unlike its more popular cousin, vitamin K1, which is found in greater concentrations in green leafy vegetables. The combination of vitamin K2 with vitamin D3 has been suggested in recent studies to promote bone health.

Each bottle contains 60 capsules.
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