Vascuzyme 360 Count

Vascuzyme 360 Count
Item# vascuzyme-360-co360

Product Description

Vascuzyme is a comprehensive, multi-enzyme formula in an enteric-coated tablet for targeted release. The enzymes in Vascuzyme help support normal vessel function and promote recovery from exercise and physical stress.

How Enzymes Work for the Heart: Protein-breakdown functionality may be an important component of cardiovascular health, and many clinicians believe that enzymes help the body break down proteins. This also has benefits in supporting optimal vessel function.

How Enzymes Work for Recovery: Enzyme supplementation has been used in numerous areas of health throughout the United States and Europe. Polyenzymes have been used in sports nutrition and exercise recovery. Vascuzyme is an enteric-coated tablet providing enzymes and the addition of quercetin and rutin for a unique multi-enzyme formula.