Fast-C with Dihydroquercetin

Fast-C with Dihydroquercetin
Item# Fast-C

Product Description

Vitamin C neutralizes free radicals, supports biosynthesis of certain neurotransmitters, and promotes production of vital tissue (collagen) that supports arterial walls, skin, and bones. Vitamin C promotes immunity,boosts lymphocyte glutathione levels,and helps regenerate other antioxidants, including vitamin E. But because it leaves the body quickly, capturing its optimal benefits has required taking supplements several times daily, hoping they’ll be effective without posing a risk for acid-sensitive stomachs.

This next-generation FAST-C supplement has been shown in double-blind, human trials to have faster absorption—combined with equal or greater body retention! And it contains dihydroquercetin to enhance vitamin C’s “recycling” power.

FAST-C with Dihydroquercetin is the only vitamin C product to incorporate:

The alkalizing minerals that yield an almost completely acid neutralized (better than “buffered”) vitamin C for sensitive stomachs. Piperine (Bioperine), a multi-patented, black pepper alkaloid that significantly accelerates vitamin C absorption, shortening the time to peak plasma concentration. Dihydroquercetin, a flavonoid from grape leaf extract that donates electrons back to vitamin C molecules that have spent their electrons neutralizing free radicals—regenerating vitamin C to work again!

In two human trials, FAST-C was compared head-to-head with a leading premium brand of “enhanced absorption” vitamin C. In the first trial scientists found that in just 60 minutes the FAST-C composition generated a “significantly higher” vitamin C blood increase in humans than the leading, enhanced-absorption vitamin C product.

The second clinical trial compared two variations of the formula in FAST-C with the leading “enhanced” brand and found that one of the FAST-C formulations produced higher blood concentrations of vitamin C after 30, 60, and even 90 minutes!

These findings validate that FAST-C has faster absorption than the leading “enhanced” brand without greater excretion — suggesting similar or better vitamin C retention by the body.

This breakthrough formulation was recognized with the prestigious Scientific Achievement Award from Nutrition Business Journal.